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DECAY (2021 and ongoing)

Ever since I have my own garden, I have witnessed the amazing works of nature during every task I do in the garden. So I observe earthworms peeking out after every summer downpour, and hungry Common blackbirds that have a feast. I observe piles of mowed grass and branches shrinking every day when hard-working insects diligently decomposing it right below. In the meantime, Adam's leaf, which I cut off a few months ago on a houseplant and put it on compost is now pure white and populated with various fungi. Then the magnolias bloom unfortunately fall off before they open, as an unannounced frost occurs, so I observe their flowers during decomposition on the bed of last year's apple leaves. When I think I already know all the processes, one day I remove a large plastic pot, which I used upside down as a footstool for pruning vines, and under it, a surprise awaits me on the grass. Mother Nature created an image, a perfect circle, where the pot obscured the sun and the plants could not perform photosynthesis.


I feel like a child in an amusement park, while Mother Nature is so beautiful even in the decay phase.

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