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SEEDS (2023)

The idea for the photo series arose during the sorting and inventory of the home seed collection. Since most seeds are very small, their colors, shapes and textures are only noticeable upon closer inspection or magnification. The series is created digitally, each image consists of several photographs.


Portraits of seeds are presented in larger formats. Partly due to the desire to show their beauty, which in reality is hidden in their small size. Partly because of their importance to the planet and people. Our lives depend on seeds - we use them in agriculture, medicine, industry... Food, building materials, paper, textiles, plant dyes, all these and more always start with seeds.


An everyday taken-for-granted thing that is quite amazing. A seed - such a small thing, but so important. Practically all life on Earth originates from it.


I wish everyone had a box of seeds at home.

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