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Forced simbiosis shows an interest in the natural and the artificial, the living and the dead, and the coexistence / symbiosis between them. The Hidden life of trees, book by Peter Wohlleben stimulated my interest, as it answers many questions and raises even more. Plants are more alive and active than we think, while the human mind today takes them for static, silent and most of all - for granted.

“Forced symbiosis” symbolically shows the intertwining of different materials and thus translates my interests on an imaginary level. Artistic manipulation consists of natural and artificial materials forcibly combined into a symbiosis shown by the scanning technique. Because the images have a touch of still life, there is also a play on words that suggests still life / nature morte as a result of oversaturation with artificial materials. In this case, scanography allows me to show very clearly the plasticity, transparency and reflectivity of ‘trash’ things, and on the other hand the organicity, softness and transience of all living things.

The project was created as part of studies at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design.

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