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RED TENT (2017)

I dreamt about women in red - about friends, mothers and daughters, lovers, soul mates... The day before I watched the music video for Pink Floyd's High Hopes and maybe it had something to do with my dreams. It's funny because I never liked the color red and now I have these days when everything I see is red. I also bought myself my first red jumper. 
I figured out I miss the company of women and woman conversations, so this is a reason why I make photographs of them. Photographs are not the most important thing to me, actually the whole process of making the photographs is. Photographs are somewhat "side products" of this process and they reflect the energy from the connection between me and my models. (who are my friends, not professional models). 
So, the "Red tent" project is really about the communication between women, the shared, intimate social space which I think is all but lost nowadays. 


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