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The Soul Garden project was initially thought of as a continuation of the ‘’La Loba’’ project from 2014. Soul Garden shows directed moments that look spontaneous in a sense that I direct the actors into action and then hunt for unconscious »slots« within these actions – spontaneous moments that can't be controlled, expressions and gestures that are somehow innate and are only ours and which we have no influence on.

In addition to women's bodies, the second theme of my project are plants. The key question was – how to connect/glue together/combine these two areas. I decided on the technique of collage. Included are actual plants, different techniques of montage and both digital and handmade combining of elements and materials. Also included is a photo folder in which photos are digital collages of both series, printed on double-sided A3 format, folded and inserted into a folder. The purpose is to archive the project in a useful way – each sheet can be taken out of the folder and used as an artwork by itself. The paper folds which remain deprive the work of it's perfect »gallery« value and remind the viewer that it's all a work-in-progress, a collection of ideas presented in an unfinished, raw way.

The project was created as part of studies at the Higher school of applied sciences, Department of Photography, under the mentorship of Peter Rauch.

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